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Child Custody

Divorce can be a tumultuous time, especially when children are involved. It is not uncommon for emotional distress and concern to arise when two parties are separated. As parents, it is natural to want to prioritize the best interests of our children. In a custody case, it is the attorney’s primary responsibility to advocate for the child’s best interests in a neutral capacity. Our team provides guidance, support, and legal representation to ensure that a custody arrangement is secured that promotes the child’s well-being and protects their rights. We understand the importance of this process and will work diligently to achieve a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Child Support

Child support is typically sought by a parent to ensure that the financial needs of their child are adequately met. Here are some of the main reasons why a parent may need child support:

  • Meeting basic needs
  • Education Expenses
  • Medical and healthcare costs:
  • Childcare expenses:
  • Extracurricular activities and special needs:
  • Maintaining a consistent lifestyle:
  • Child’s overall well-being:

It’s important to note that child support is typically based on the principle that both parents have a legal and moral obligation to financially support their child. The specific factors considered when determining the amount of child support vary by jurisdiction but often include the income of both parents, the custody arrangement, and the child’s needs.

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