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At Gibbins Law, we are more than a law firm. We’re compassionate advocates who understand clients’ physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. Our founder, Dan Gibbins, launched this practice after his mother was in a potentially fatal accident, and he witnessed the toll it took on her life. Since then, Dan has dedicated his career to helping others in similar situations and making a meaningful impact on their lives.

Gibbins Law is a personal injury and family law practice dedicated to providing the best representation available at an affordable price. Our clients are our top priority, and we treat each individual and family with respect, consideration, and care. Whether you have questions about personal injury, child custody, child support, or divorce, we want to be your first call for legal guidance.

Gibbins Law, PLLC – Family Law Firm in Tyler, TX

Are you dealing with divorce, child custody, or child support? Contact Gibbins Law, PLLC, to speak with a dedicated family attorney.

Our family law firm can guide you through the legal challenges of custody battles and other family-related legal matters. Request a consultation with a child custody attorney in Tyler, TX, today.

Explore Gibbins Law, PLLC, Family Law Services in Tyler, TX

Gibbins Law, PLLC, is a trusted choice for family law services and personal injury representation. Our experienced team, led by skilled divorce lawyers, experienced in navigating the complexities of family law. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce, seeking a reliable child custody attorney, or needing a child support attorney in Tyler, TX,, we are ready to guide you through the legal process.

We offer legal guidance for various situations, including personal injury, car wreck injuries, trucking accidents, and wrongful death. We are currently serving Tyler, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK. Contact Gibbins Law, PLLC, today for experienced legal assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?
A family law attorney can provide legal guidance, and representation when dealing with complex family-related legal matters, including divorce and child custody.
How Do I Choose the Right Family Law Attorney for My Case?
Choose an attorney based on their experience. For an experienced family law attorney in Tyler, TX, contact Gibbins Law, PLLC.
What Is the Divorce Process Like?
The divorce process typically involves filing legal paperwork, negotiations, and mediation to agree on the division of assets and child custody. Court proceedings may be necessary to resolve disputes.
What Is Spousal Support/Alimony – and How Is It Calculated?
Spousal support, or alimony, is financial support paid to an ex-spouse, calculated based on income, length of marriage, and other factors.
How Long Does the Family Law Process Typically Take?
The duration varies depending on case complexity, cooperation between parties, court schedules, and other factors, which could take months or years.
How Is Child Custody Determined?
Child custody can be determined based on a child’s best interests and many other factors, such as parental ability, the child’s needs, and family stability.

Each case is different and unique, and we look at each one individually to determine the best outcome for both the client and the children involved.