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Smith County Car Accident Tips from Gibbins Law when Injured

Tip to Handle Smith County Car Accident 

Here are some tips for handling a Smith County car accident when injured. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but a few tips to help you get through a tough time.


  1. DO seek medical treatment if in pain. If you delay doctor visits, insurance companies will later argue you were never in pain. Saying that, it is important to seek treatment if you are in pain.
  2. DO be honest with yourself and others. Don’t be a “tough guy”. Tell the police officer if you are in any pain. Despite experiencing pain, many people don’t tell the responding officer they are in pain. As a result, the officer will not report your injury on Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report.
  3. DO exchange information with all parties: contact information (including all passengers in each vehicle) and insurance information.
  4. DO take photographs. Take photographs of any property damage. Also, take photographs of any of injuries, such as: bruising, cuts, and scarring that may appear later. This evidence will help prove your case.
  5. DO back up all information. Information can be easily lost. We recommend you save all important information on your computer and give a copy to your attorney.
  6. DO contact an experienced personal injury attorney. In addition to pain, a car accident can cause anxiety and be overwhelming. A personal injury attorney can help your case get on track while you worry about your road to recovery. Learn More About Personal Injury at Gibbins Law


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