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About The Firm

The Trusted Personal Injury & Probate Law Firm in Tyler

At Gibbins Law in Tyler, Texas, we strive to be the go-to counsel for all personal injury, probate, contested probate, and estate planning questions. We are readily accessible to our clients for issues big or small. With honest advice, reliable knowledge, and valuable experience, we guide our clients to solutions based on their own individual needs and priorities.

Our firm depends on our reputation for success. We build this by treating each client with respect, compassion, and responsiveness. Our services are provided at reasonable, predictable fees, and we are committed to delivering thorough representation to each and every client.

We will not overcomplicate, oversell, or under deliver. Clients can trust we have their best interests as our guiding motivation. We foster a relationship of open communication with our clients, their trusted family members, and their other professional advisors.

We offer all initial consultations free of charge to give us a chance to truly understand your case and determine if we are the right match. Gibbins Law is the practice of Daniel Gibbins, Esq. But you can just call him Dan.

Our Core Values


Gibbins Law provides consistent, honest, and accurate legal advice. We often meet our clients during stressful times in their lives and strive to be a comforting and trustworthy advocate for them during their time of need. Clients can rely on Gibbins Law to keep them informed concerning their case and answer any questions that arise.


Gibbins Law represents clients in personal injury, probate and estate planning law matters. With this narrow focus, we are able to provide in-depth analysis and thorough representation in each of these areas and ensure we are maintaining accurate and current knowledge of applicable laws and procedures in Texas.


Each individual who comes in contact with Gibbins Law will be treated with kindness. We believe all clients, colleagues, and neighbors were created for the glory of God. We understand legal issues can lead to conflict, strong opinions, and opposing arguments. While Gibbins Law is committed to fearless advocacy for every client, we will approach each party with respect and consideration.